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IT’S BABY SEASON!!! lol well maybe not really, but it sure feels like it over here! We have four buns in the oven amongst our extended family, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got one first time mom, one mom on number two, and two moms on number four. In case you didn’t know we come from a very large Italian Catholic family aka the baby factory! You can bet there are 3-5 babies in the same class each time there is a pregnancy wave. Built in besties at their finest! Now that you have a little bit of our life story, let’s get to the baby gifts!! I’ve polled my sisters and hopefully we have come up with some good stuff for ya!

Jenna, the reader and writer of us sisters would gift every new mom a library #typical 😂 Here are her close seconds though: Bannor Toys baby toy goodness. These toys are so good! Made in the USA, non-toxic and organic paints and finishes, FDA approved parts, designed by parents, SAFE, and added bonus- items can even be personalized. I personally love the block sets, silicone or wood, you and baby won’t be disappointed- check out baby’s best blocks!

Next up, Solly baby loungewear. Jenna likes these sleeper sets because they are super soft and come in the prettiest colors. Pro Tip: the smaller sizes have the footies bc Lord knows it’s impossible to keep track of tiny baby socks!! She says she caught on to this with her third baby loll so be ahead of the curve!

Lastly, Jenna recommends On Becoming Babywise for new parents. One of our cousins recommended it to her and she passes it along!! She probably has the best infant sleepers/bedtime routine of this group (says the gal cuddling with her toddlers to sleep) so that should speak for itself! Get Babywise!

Elisa is all about the needs of mom and dad! It’s so so easy for mom and dad to get lost, not only in the thick of newborn life, but as parents in general. My husband always says we are like the vessels for our kids, and no one sees us when we bring them around (especially grandparents lol, but thats why we love them).

Elisa likes to gift things to make mom and dad’s life easier- enter the foodie giftcard or meal. If mom and dad can take some of the guesswork out of meal time its a huge win, goodbye dinner time struggles! Fan favorites are DoorDash (Get a Dash GC) and UberEats (Get an Uber GC) for a pick your own menu option, or Getting the Meal Train (Choo Choo) started amongst friends and family (you can choose sending gift cards or dropping off a meal 🙌).

Just for Mama bear, she recommends Soma Cool Nights Pajamas. These sets are the best and perfect postpartum!! Shop the Sets! I should know- I wear the pants every night to bed, I highly recommend! They are so soft and lightweight, they definitely keep me cool in the nights!

Alight, now it’s my turn! My only and favorite gift to give a new mom is a LouLou and Company newborn bundle!!! THE BEST baby GIFTS! I truly cannot say enough good things about their product. My family always jokes about how I should be a LouLou ambassador (if you’re accepting applications LouLou, I’d gladly submit, ha!). I have gifted LouLou to almost 30 babies since finding them 6 years ago. The swaddles are just so so SO good! All my babies thrived in them in the baby stages and we still tote around the swaddles to this day! The fabric is so buttery soft and stretchy, comfy and cozy. It keeps baby cool, and never felt like it was too much for them! Hats, bows, and gowns are also noteworthy! When the gowns were released my babies lived in them! Added bonuses: easy breezy diaper changes and they are stinkin CUTE!!! In recent years they have put out tops and bottom sets, rompers, and shorty sets! We love them all!!! They just released their holiday line, so don’t sleep on this for any Christmas babies in your life!

Hope this run down is helpful, and gives good go-tos for the new mamas in your life! Happy shopping and spoiling!


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